beekeeping at Homeadow Song Farm + interview with C.V. Mansoor

Exploration, Homeadow Song Farm

This past weekend I did something I never thought I’d do… beekeeping.  I love bees, what they do for us and the environment is invaluable.  (If you haven’t seen my post about the bee-based crafts I made on the farm earlier in the year, you should check it out.)  But honestly, I’ve always been a little afraid to work directly with honey bees.  Something about being surrounded by thousands of tiny flying insects that may or may not want to sting you always gave me the heebie-jeebies.  But this weekend I was able to overcome my fear and help transport and install two packets of bees at the Homeadow Song Farm apiary.


Manifest Gallery + an insightful lecture from Jason Franz


Within one week, I was fortunate enough to both visit Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center for the first time and attend a lecture by Manifest’s executive director and chief curator, Jason Franz.  I had heard about Manifest Gallery before.  People had been telling me good things for a long time: it supports emerging artists; it has many open-call shows to get participation from the community; it hosts figure drawing classes that are open to the public.  However, getting to attend Jason Franz’s lecture added a lot of depth to my experience at Manifest Gallery – it made me much more aware of what was truly special about this humble space in Cincinnati.

for the bees

Exploration, Homeadow Song Farm, Inspiration

In a previous post I talked about the beginnings of my wonderful internship at Homeadow Song Farm.  I had worked on making tamales the first few weeks, and talked about new things that I learned about the nixtamalization of corn and the in-depth processes of truly slow food.  I have also been getting much more in touch with other aspects of the farm, including getting to better know the helpful farm assistants, the bees.

internship at Homeadow Song Farm

Exploration, Homeadow Song Farm

A little over a month ago I began my internship at Homeadow Song Farm, an artistic homestead in Spring Grove Village, Cincinnati under the guidance of C.V. Mansoor, a fine artist currently practicing through the activities of her farm.  

my first class at broadhope!



I have to say April is starting off well! I had a great time teaching my first class at Broadhope – Paint-a-Fox! The project we worked on was pretty simple; everyone was given one small polymer clay fox (handmade my yours truly) and then given all the supplies to paint it their own.  I had one fox already painted, and everyone was given the option to either follow instructions on how to paint the fox similarly to the model, or they could run free with the paints and ask for help if it was needed.


Everyone started off on the same track, and as the paintings progressed everyone had a fox that was uniquely inspired from their imagination. It was a lot of fun working with my students, and I’m so thankful they all signed up to be my guinea pigs while I’m learning what it takes to instruct painting classes.  I’m very much looking forward to my next class, and helping all my future students to have fun making their masterpieces!