“Lights” Solo Show at Robot Inside

RI_lights_poster_11x17lights_tara_anniePosing with Tara Heilman for a quick photo shoot!

On Friday April 15, I had the opportunity to display my paintings at the opening of my solo show, “Lights”, at ROBOT Inside.  I’ve worked with artist Tara Heilman, the owner of ROBOT Inside, on a variety of artistic endeavors before, and I feel honored to have the chance to display my works solo for the first time at such an amazing art and sewing lab.

Screen shot 2016-04-27 at 5.37.05 PM“Lights”

The works depict twinkling lights in a vast, yet comforting darkness, capturing the mystical, playful nature of their glow.  A touch of spring is evident throughout these works.  Scenes of vast skies, blossoming trees, cozy cottages, and warm lights are cast with melodic hues of rose, indigo, and lavender – singing of starry eyed wanderlust.

“Lights” will be on display at ROBOT Inside until May 12.


current artist’s statement

Art, Process

Sometimes I find it hard to make work.  I’m not always sure where I’m going with my ideas, or what I’m really saying in my paintings.  In those times, it helps to reflect on my artist’s statement; because, while an artist’s statement describes the work, sometimes perfecting the statement can help solidify the artistic process…

I find inspiration in making people happy – I enjoy making people smile when they see my work.  As an artist, I am involved in the local community because I value the relevance of my art in the lives of regular people.  Through this community-based influence, I want to bring a sense of joy and hopefulness to my audience.  I want my viewer to feel an inquisitive interest in the everyday, and find whimsy in unexpected places.  The focus of my work ranges from easily palatable subjects such as the curious nature of fruits and veggies, to more heavy topics such as environmental consensus and the ethical treatment of livestock.  Even with this range of subject matter, I instill in my work a playfulness that can be enjoyed by the child at heart.  My illustrations have an indie craft fair lightness, with a Works Progress Administration tone and temperament.  It is a very precise and considered rhetoric that allows my audience to find meaning on multiple levels of observation.  Whether it is through small-scale hand-held totems, detailed illustrations, or meticulously considered paintings, I find that these works allow me to convey a sense of wonder and fascination to the audience – allowing the viewer to get lost in a curious and imaginative world and develop a deeper appreciation for my subject matter.

the complete collection of companion plant paintings


I have recently completed a series of illustrations about companion plants – or plants that are beneficial to grow together in order to increase crop productivity.  I found these plants interesting not just because I love veggies and spreading the knowledge of healthy food to others, but I found the theme of companionship inspiring as well.  These depictions our garden friends remind us that we all should try to help each other grow and be happy!

finished painting: eat happy, grow happy


I am so very happy to announce that “eat happy, grow happy” is complete.  Before this illustration, I had been working on canvasses that were 12″ by 12″ or less.  This 48″ by 15.5″ illustration took longer than I would have ever imagined, partly due to the size, and probably due to the heavy meticulousness, but it was most definitely worth it!  I see more of these poster inspired illustrations popping up in the future.