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Meet the Artist – Annie Roth

I am a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  I always love working on new illustrations and paintings, as well as decorative crafts, home improvement projects, cooking, and basically anything and everything that involves a touch of handmade.  In my art practice, I love to explore my interest in all things whimsical, folkloric, and colorful, particularly through cheerful narrative works.

About the Blog

This blog is about my exploration of what it means to be an artist and a maker.   I believe that a hands-on approach is the most rewarding way to live life, becoming personally involved and ever-conscious in everyday life.  Visible handwork, considered craftsmanship, and pride and integrity in the making process are qualities that I find that make everything more worthwhile.  These things bring humanity and personal expression into our typically mass produced culture.  By reflecting on my day-to-day creative musings and observing others’ work, I hope to discover a treaturetroave of insightful inspiration that I am able to share with everyone who visits.  Check out my personal art, or visit me on Etsy or Spoonflower.

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