experimenting with pattern + artist crush: Jennifer Davis

Inspiration, Process

In my recent work, I have been experimenting with the use of pattern to create interesting spaces within found reproductions of landscapes.  I think of this work as a type of collaboration with the art that is already made.  I collect the landscapes from used calendars, thrift-store art, and other forgotten sources.  I use my decorative painting techniques to highlight interesting aspects of the landscapes, and breathe new life into the space.  I want to create a new appreciation for the art that is no longer being valued.

Here are three paintings I completed with this in mind:


This painting above is on top of a painting found at a thrift store, and the two images below are cut out from old calendars.



You can see that the patterns I used played off of the natural forms, and were inspired by the life, color, and movement in each of the landscapes.

In discovering my own rhetoric for patterning, I looked at some contemporary artists using patterns in their work.  Of all the artists I stumbled upon, I fell in love with the paintings of Jennifer Davis.  The use of color variation, density, and repetition combines to create beautiful figurative work.  The loose and gestural work create a whimsical, Darger-esque quality.  (If you don’t happen to know the work of Henry Darger, you probably should.  Here’s a link.)

Jennifer Davis - Well

“Well” – by Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis - Ghost

“Ghost” – by Jennifer Davis

Jennifer also does painted work on found objects:

Jennifer Davis - Wanderhorse

 “Wonderhorse #2” – by Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis Instillation Shotan instillation shot from Jennifer Davis’s show “Joyride”

To check out more of Jennifer Davis’s work visit her website or her blog.

With inspiration from Jennifer and other artists, I will continue experimenting with patterns and playing with collage and collaboration, and I will share my progress with you along the way!

– Annie

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