thinking about food


I think about food a lot.  I mean, who doesn’t?  Food is the best!  But in such a fast paced world, sometimes it’s discomforting to think about it too much.  When you really ponder questions like, “Where does my food come from?”, “Who makes my food?”, “What is really in my food?”, “How long as this been packaged before I put it into my mouth?”, it can make a lot of what the average person eats seem really unappetizing.


I do try to buy organic,local, and all natural to keep my processed foods as healthy as possible, but what would really be wonderful is if I could eat homemade food all of the time.  I know that thought is just preposterous for an artist in college with multiple jobs, a healthy social life, a steady relationship, and the blessing (and I do mean that genuinely 🙂 ) of living close to my immediate family.   I barely have time to eat my apples and granola bars, much less squeeze in the privilege of preparing a pot of broccoli and tuna mac and cheese (my favorite quick dinner).  But I would love to be able to eat fresh foods, made from scratch, with all natural ingredients for all of my meals – it would be magical.  So to draw more  attention to the wonderful pleasure of making time to cook at home, I started a painting called, “An Ode to Slow Food.”  I took my family’s favorite meal, chili, and made a giant table setting featuring a giant pot of chili with beans, peppers, onions, tomatoes and corn scattered across the table.  I included sides of corn bread, corn on the cob, potato wedges, and brussel sprouts.  And who could forget dessert?  I also included pumpkin pie.

I want to make the picture appear decorative yet chaotic, and capture the aromas of the food on the table.  I’ve been trying to cook each of the dishes at home in order to capture the hidden beauty in each of the foods while I paint them – capturing their flavors and textures in interesting ways.  So if the painting doesn’t turn out exactly how I imagined, at least I’ll have eaten well for the duration of this project.  🙂

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