my first class at broadhope!



I have to say April is starting off well! I had a great time teaching my first class at Broadhope – Paint-a-Fox! The project we worked on was pretty simple; everyone was given one small polymer clay fox (handmade my yours truly) and then given all the supplies to paint it their own.  I had one fox already painted, and everyone was given the option to either follow instructions on how to paint the fox similarly to the model, or they could run free with the paints and ask for help if it was needed.


Everyone started off on the same track, and as the paintings progressed everyone had a fox that was uniquely inspired from their imagination. It was a lot of fun working with my students, and I’m so thankful they all signed up to be my guinea pigs while I’m learning what it takes to instruct painting classes.  I’m very much looking forward to my next class, and helping all my future students to have fun making their masterpieces!



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